The second Investment Exports Funds an investment fund is a closed, short-term with specified duration and capital .It was established to mobilize resources from investors in restricted speculation formula.

Objectives of the fund

  • To contribute in the development of the investment fund industry in the countries supporting the field of imports and exports.
  • Working to support exports and some imports of strategic commodities by providing financial resources to exporters and suppliers in different sectors.
  • To increase offering of the securities registered at Khartoum stock market by adding a new security upon the insertion of the funds bonds.
  • Implementation of financing operations with high economic feasibility.
  • Activating work in the market through trading operations of the funds bonds.



Duration of the fund

The life of the fund is 36 months (thirty-six months)

Instrument value

The nominal or the face value of each instrument is 1,000 Sudanese pounds.

Fund size

The capital of the fund is 5,000,000,000 Sudanese pounds.


  • Applications can be submitted to the subscription centers according to the application prepared for this purpose, and this is done on official working days, which are all days of the week (except for Friday, Saturday and official holidays) from nine in the morning until two in the afternoon.
  • The subscriber shall deliver a financial receipt of the amount subscribed showing the number of the bonds subscribed to and the price of the instrument paid. This receipt is considered proof of the ownership of the bond until the fund is listed in the secondary market, after which the title deed of the bond is issued from the deposit center in the market.

Subscription centers: financial

  • Omdurman National Bank – Khartoum Branch.
  • Omdurman National Bank – Omdurman Branch.
  • Omdurman National Bank – Industries Branch.
  • Omdurman National Bank – Mohamed Naguib Branch.
  • Omdurman National Bank – Obaid Khatim Branch.
  • Alkhaleej Bank – Gamhoria Street Branch.
  • Al Salam Bank – Omdurman Branch.
  • Al-Jedyan financial services company.
  • The Emirates Company for Financial Transactions-AL- Baraka Tower, seventh floor.
  • Hyper Deal Financial Co., Ltd.- Sudanese Banks Union, 2nd Floor,